Chocolate Protein Cream

To be honest, I am not a big fan of protein shakes. I rather enjoy eating a tasty 'protein dessert' after my workout than drinking a shake. Here is my favourite and really simple recipe for a delicious 'Chocolate Protein Cream'



- 200 g rice protein
- 40 g cacao powder
- 10 g xanthan gum
- 700 ml almond milk
- non-calorie sweetener (e.g. stevia or xylitol, up to the individual taste)


Combine all ingredients and process them thoroughly with a stick blender with whisk attachment. The mixture gives 4 ‘post-workout servings’, 200-220g each (I keep them in the fridge for up to 3 days).

Approx. nutritional info per 1 serving (200-220g): 240 kcal/ carbs – 6g/ protein – 44g/ fat – 5g

Side note

If you still have "macros" left, then you could top your protein dessert with something really tasty, such as
- vegan ice cream
- cookie crumbs (e.g. the original oreo is vegan)
- chocolate sauce