Overcome Emotional Eating

  • Do you numb negative emotions with food and use food to escape from reality?
  • Do you eat to relax? To switch off the mind when you are tired?
  • Do you overeat because of the people around you? Because of the social pressure?
  • Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating and overeating?

If so, this book is exactly for YOU!

The most important thing for me was to not only tell you nice stories and give you explanations as to why we behave in certain ways, but also to provide you with useful tips and tools to apply every day, allowing you to leave unnecessary eating and overeating in the past. Most chapters contain practical tips at the end that will make it easier for you to apply what you have learned in the chapter instantly and see results faster.

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Personalized Macros Package

Are you confused about what macronutrients you should be following? Do you find yourself struggling with knowing how to fit them in?
Would you like a customized meal plan that is designed with your goals and progression in mind?

Then this package is for you!


No Hunger & Dessert Diet

Do you feel like no matter what diet you try, it just doesn't work and you wind up being a chronic dieter?!
Would it not be great to have the best of both worlds; maintain a deficit for weight loss but still enjoy the foods you love?

Then NO HUNGER & DESSERT DIET is the right diet for you:

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Training Plan Package

Whether your are a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter and your goal is building muscle and strength in the most efficient way, this package provides you with highly effective workouts custom tailored for YOUR training stage and YOUR goals.

The package includes whole-body workouts, upper-lower body split workouts and 3-day body-part split workouts.

Training Plan Package - $17

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You get 35 recipes for delicious treats, including high-protein cakes, pancakes, creams, low-calorie ice creams, fluffs, jellies and much more. Some of the recipes actually have zero calories! With these recipes you can truly enjoy your diet while losing fat.

But that's not all! You're getting this great BONUS with the Guilt-Free Dessert Recipe book!

BONUS: A recipe book with 7 of my absolutely favourite Protein Bread Recipes, that are highly satiating, satisfying and have amazing macros! All bread recipes contain between 12-34 g carbs and 25-35 g protein per serving