Pasta With Creamy Champignon Sauce

High protein pasta - doesn't it sound like a dream? If you can't get high protein bean noodles and have to use 'normal' pasta, you can at least increase the protein content of the sauce. That's what I have done in this recipe :)

- 100 g pasta
- 90 g pea protein (unflavoured...
- 500 ml soy milk (prefer unsweetened version)
- 500 g sliced mushrooms (makes food prep faster as you don't need to cut)
- 10 ml olive oil (I usually use my scale to weigh it out, so that I am sure how much I really used)
- 1 tsp garlic granules (makes food prep faster, as you don't need to peel and dice garlic)
- 1-2 tsp Herbs de Provence mix
- Salt, Pepper

1. Prepare pasta following the instructions given on the package
2. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan
3. Add mushrooms and cook them for about 10 min at medium heat until they are done (stir occasionally)
4. In the meantime combine pea protein with spices, herbs and salt
5. Add soy milk slowly and mix thoroughly using a whisk until you get a sauce (without clumps)
6. Add the sauce into the frying pan and cook with mushrooms for about 5-8 min to thicken it. Stir frequently.
7. Drain and rinse the pasta. Weigh it and divide into 3 equal servings.
8. Put pasta sauce into a bowl (that is standing on a zeroed kitchen scale) and divide it into 3 equal parts and combine each part with one pasta serving.
9. Enjoy :)

Makes 3 servings.
Macros: 353 kcal/ 34 g carbs/ 38 g protein/ 8 g fat
Preparation time: 21 min (cleaning included)

Side notes
1. I also added smoked paprika as I love the flavour.
2. If you get dried onion granules, use them as well. They are great to substitute onions, and save time.
3. If you have some nutritional yeast, add it too, as it gives a great flavour and is high in protein.