Chocolate Apple Protein Bars

I absolutely love chocolate covered protein bars. Sadly, many store-bought bars have less optimal macros; too many carbs, too much fat and not enough protein. For this reason, I came up with this recipe :-)



·        340 g (1 1/3 cups) apple sauce (cooked, mashed apples, ideally without added sugar)

·        150 g pea protein powder

·        70 g dark chocolate

·        5 servings no-calorie sweetener (I used sucralose)

·        water


1.      Combine pea protein and the sweetener and mix thoroughly

2.      Add apple sauce and mix until you get a sticky, homogeneous mixture. If the mixture is too dry (It has to be a bit dry, like the texture of a protein bar), add water slowly until you get the desired texture.

3.      Separate the mixture into 5 equal parts

4.      Use a measuring cup to shape the bars; Take a measuring cup (1/3 cup), put a piece of cling film in and fill with 1/5 of the mixture. Compress the mixture firmly inside the measuring cup. Pull on the cling film to remove the bar from the cup. Repeat it with remaining mixture parts.

5.      Put chocolate on a plate and melt it carefully in the microwave (don’t overheat it)

6.      Dip the bars into the chocolate from different sides until it is completely covered

7.      Place the bars on parchment paper and wait until the chocolate sets. You can speed up the process by placing the bars into a freezer or fridge

8.      Keep the bars in the fridge

Makes 5 bars.