Why science? Why strength?

Science - from latin scientia, meaning knowledge. "scientia potentia est" - knowledge is power.

Power to find out what is right and what is wrong. Power to see the world with different eyes. Power to observe, to analyse, to gather information and make the best evidence based decision. Power to distinguish real science from pseudoscience and believes. Power to know that there is no absolute truth. Power to find the best solution for each individual case. Power to discover new things.

I am a scientist, I observe, I discover, I think, I learn, I make conclusion and I improve every day.

Science made me analytically strong. However, a strong mind needs a strong body and vice versa. Mental and physical strength go hand in hand.

Lifting gave me physical strength.

Powerlifting taught me how to live. - It is a very individualistic sport where self-improvement is THE driving force. I stopped comparing myself to others. Every day, I want to become a better version of myself - stronger and more powerful than I was yesterday.

There isn’t such as thing as failure. – Not in the gym and not in life. If I miss a weight, I will come back and try it again. Again, again and again, until I get it. If you want it hard enough, anything is possible.

Your own progress is the greatest motivation. – You can track your constant improvement by putting real numbers on it. Sadly, many women use the wrong numbers – the decreasing one on the scale - to track their ‘progress’. This number makes most women weaker and not stronger. ‘Lifting numbers’ are empowering, motivating and real, as they are based on the individual strength and achievement.

You become not only physically, but also mentally strong. – Being able to lift your own bodyweight or even more makes you self-confident. You start placing yourself in high power positions intuitively; back - straight, head - up, chest - out, shoulders – wide spread. You will feel the strength not only when you lift, but also pulsing through your veins in everyday life.