Hazelnut-Vanilla-Crème-Filled Protein Chocolates

I have done lots of macro-manipulations in the past; created sugar-free high-protein versions of doughnuts, cupcakes, ‘cheesecakes’… Now I was faced a new challenge: How can de-sugar-ify and protein-ize chocolate? The days in England are getting shorter, darker and rainier… I NEED CHOCOLATE!

Of course, I found a solution for this problem. Why not to fill chocolate with a delicious protein cream? However, I have to warn you in advance, these pralines have a highly addictive potential ;)





  • 80 g (8 large squares) dark chocolate (85% cacao)
  • 25 g (1 scoop) rice protein powder
  • 90 ml (1/3 cup) soya milk (or any other non-dairy milk)
  • 5 g (1 tsp.) cacao powder
  • 5 g (1 tsp.) xanthan gum
  • 4-5 servings flavored non-calorie sweetener drops or syrup (I used vanilla and hazelnut flavour)



  1. Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt it using a microwave or a water bath.
  2. Once molten, pour two thirds of it into the individual cavities of the chocolate mold (I used a silicone mold with 15 cavities). Set the remaining chocolate aside.
  3. Spread the chocolate evenly to cover the bottom and the sides of each cavity.
  4. Put into the freezer for 5-10 minutes until the chocolate sets.
  5. In the meantime, combine the remaining ingredients (everything except chocolate) and mix them well to obtain a smooth cream using a stick blender with a whisk attachment.
  6. Using a piping bag fill each cavity with the cream.
  7. Re-heat the remaining chocolate (you set aside in step 1). Pour the chocolate on top of each cavity.
  8. Let the chocolate set, remove the chocolates from the mold and enjoy :)


The recipe gives 15 chocolates, though the number can vary depending on the size of the cavities of the mold you use and how accurate you work.


Approx. nutritional info per 1 chocolate: 37 kcal/ C - 1 g / P - 2 g / F - 3 g