On the 1st July 2017, I will start the 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

The challenge is designed to get you in the absolute best shape possible while increasing your strength and enhancing performance. As a great bonus, you will have the chance to win an amazing prize!


What The 30-Day Transformation Challenge Includes:

  • My personal help with meal planning (based on the meal plan provided with package)
    • How to put easy meals together that fit your macros
    • Quick, macros-friendly meal ideas for busy lifestyle
    • How to stay on track when eating out or travelling
  • More diet and performance friendly recipes including optimal pre- and post-workout nutrition strategies
  • Optimizing package's meal and training plan to your lifestyle and personal preferences
  • Women specific training planning: adjustment of the training program to the menstrual cycle for optimal results
  • Video demonstrations for every exercise
  • My personal analysis of your training videos and individualized feedback
  • Supplement recommendations that help you to speed up your progress



  • Private facebook community to get everyday support - You can ask me as many questions as you want!! I am happy to answer all of them!
  • Weekly live streams in our community - We can chat in real time, you can ask questions and I will give you all the info you need.
  • Lose Fat & Gain Strength Package! Including: meal plan, training plan, delicious recipes, mindset for success & shopping list.


What You Win

  • 1st Prize: 1-month 1:1 coaching program with me including meal and training plan adjustments on a weekly basis, constant supply with versatile recipes, weekly skype sessions, success strategies customized for you and unlimited email exchange for 4 weeks (value $500).
  • 2nd + 3rd Prize: Consultation with me including 60 min skype session to discuss your training, diet and your personal challenges, guidelines and resources for your personal goals and unlimited email exchange for 2 weeks (value $150).

If you want to qualify for challenge prizes, you will need to send me 3 photographs (front, side and back shots in a bikini or shorts and top) and your measurements (body weight, height, waist, hips and thigh circumference) before starting the challenge and after completing the challenge. Winners will be determined based on the combination of visual progress, weight and body circumference change and strength gains.  
Ready for the transformation of your life? A transformation, that is sustainable?

Get great results for only $97 for 30-Day Transformation Challenge. This is a pilot project. I want you to succeed! My goal is that you don't just get some mediocre results, but WOW results!
Hurry to sign up! Places are limited!


Need more convincing? Check out what people say who worked with me.
“4 week update: I’ve lost 3.8 kg, 5.5 cm around my waist. I feel really strong, can increase my weight at almost every session. Now I can really believe that I can finally achieve my goals.” – Melinda M.
“Anastasia’s clear, thorough, and most importantly, science-based explanations and resources helped me understand how to better balance my diet and track my performance to ensure that I am progressing, both in my training and my aesthetic goals. Even while cutting weight, I have continued to make performance gains in all of my lifts.” – Kim C.
“Anastasia made sure I knew exactly what I had to do – what I should eat and when, and how I should train, She made sure it would suit my circumstances and fit my personal preferences. She made me feel very important and that there was no question too stupid that I could ask. I trust her completely and am forever grateful for how she has helped me. I am a stronger person on so many levels because of her.” – Beth C.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and transform your body now!