Diet Plan, Training Plan & Recipes Package

Are you looking for an easy way to get back on track and start a stronger, leaner and healthier lifestyle right now?

This Package is ideal for you if

- you want to lose weight
- you want to gain strength
- you are female
- you are vegan (or curious to try delicious, vegan food)
- you have a sweet tooth


The package consists of 5 parts:

1. Programming your mind for success

2. Macronutrient targets customized for your body weight range and activity level

3. Meal plan with different options based on your individual preferences and needs

4. Customizable training plan

Preview of one page of each chapter.


5. Many, many recipes, especially for your sweet tooth (over 45 recipes!)


What are you waiting for?

Get the package for only $27 to get one step closer to your dream body now!

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