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 30 January 2017

"What is the ultimate quantification of success? For me, it's not how much time you spend doing what you love. It's how little time you spend doing what you hate. And this women spent all day, every day doing what she loved." - Casey Neistat, describing the life of his grandmother who danced (and taught dancing classes) until the last day of her life. She passed away at the age of 92 years.

My thoughts: Don't do what you hate! The life is too short and too valuable to spend time doing the things you hate. The things you love may turn into things you hate. Then it is the time to stop doing them.

My life story: By the end of my PhD I hated doing lab work. It literally took me 1-2 hours to motivate myself to leave home in the morning and to go to the lab to do the work I had to do. This was a sign that I had to change my life. However, it was a very tough decision for me. I felt like I am going to throw away all my hard work, all the dreams I had in the past and all the things I worked for so hard. It felt like giving up. It was a very painful decision to make, but I made it and it definitely was the right decision. Now, I am a much happier person and do the things I truly love. It's not like I didn't love biochemistry and my work when I started my PhD. I really loved it. But my perspective changed, I changed and I needed to update my life.

Speaking of updating my life; in the past 2 days I made some very big decisions and very exciting times will come soon! But for now, I will share just one of the changes I am going to make with you. I will start doing more of the things I love (right now, no need to wait :D ), which is making YouTube videos and share my knowledge and my take on different things with you. I will extend my YouTube video posting schedule to 3 times a week and introduce new video formats. Super excited about it! Now, you can expect a video from me every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

It is important for me to create content you love! For this reason, hit me with your idea! What are the topics you would like me to make videos on? Drop me a line at anastasia@sciencestrength.net and let me know!

Wrap-up: Stop doing things you hate! Review your life and what you do. Do you still love doing the things you used to love? If you are not passionate about them any more or even started hating them, get rid of them. Change your life!

29 January 2017

"Expect to win" - Eric Thomas

When you wake up every day, say to yourself that you expect to win. Expect your day to be great and successful. If you don't expect your day to be amazing, you won't take every chance to create an amazing day. Honestly, why should I get up if I expect my day to be mediocre? I want that every day in my life is a wonderful and memorable day! A day I can look back to and be proud of. A day in which I made every second count.

Story from my life: It was difficult for me to adapt the 'I expect to be successful' mindset. To teach my brain that I can certainly achieve whatever I want if I work hard for it and have faith. I grew up in an environment where people didn't speak about positive things one expects to happen in the future. 'What if it doesn't work?' It was a kind of superstitious mentality; if you say the good things you expect in the future out loud, you increases the chances that they won't happen. I have never been superstitious, but this negative mindset was deep within me all the time. Just because I internalized it as a child. But then I realized (es, it took me a pretty long time to realize it) that not speaking about great things you plan to do or you are excited about, has a double negative effect:

1. It doesn't allow you to be as happy as you could in the present moment. If you share happiness with others, it grows. Thus, you reduce the overall happiness in your life and in the life of people who are important to you. 

2. You decrease your chances to win, because you don't visualize your success as much as you should. This makes it difficult for you to have a clear vision. A clear vision makes it much easier to achieve your goals. You don't gain as much confidence as you could. Lower confidence = lower chance to succeed. (btw. I will send out an email on this topic to my email list tomorrow, as I send out motivational emails every Monday. Thus, if you want to get motivated and get emails from me that will change your life, then subscribe to my email list.)

Note to my former self: Honestly, did you even science? There is no scientific evidence that 'evil eye' or similar superstitious stuff exists.

Wrap-up: Get up every morning, get into your power position and shout out loud:



P.S. If you want to get motivation from Eric Thomas, check out this video.