On the 30th March 2019, the 7-Day Master Food Prep Course starts.

The course is designed to make you to the absolute food prep expert and teach you how to create delicious, protein-packed, vegan meals that fit your macros. After only 7 days you won’t have any problems with obtaining enough protein and not exceeding the calories. You will know how to prepare amazing meals quickly and efficiently without spending hours in the kitchen.


What The 7-Day Master Food Prep Course Includes:

You will learn how to

  • Calculate your own macros targets  

  • Put easy meals together that fit your macros

  • Cook delicious meals with great taste for the entire week in just 1 hour

  • Make quick, macros-friendly meals in just 5 minutes

  • Stay on track when you get stuck in a place without good food options or travel

You will get

  • My self-programmed calorie and macros calculator that will calculate your targets for you

  • Videos, audios and written guidelines that will teach you meal prep basics and great hacks

  • Many delicious recipes you can choose from

  • My personal help with your individual meal planning and prepping

  • One practical task every day that will help you to put theory into practice and make food prep easy for you

Ready to master your food prep and stop spending hours in the kitchen?

Join the 7-Day Master Food Prep Course for only $29.70. This is a pilot project. I want you to succeed! My goal is that you don't just get some mediocre tips, but become confident and quick in meal prepping!
Hurry to sign up for the course! Places are limited!


What you need to do:


1. Fill in and submit the form.

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2. Make the payment of $29.70

I will email you with more info within 48 hours after registration. If you don't get an email from me, check your spam folder, if it didn't go there. In case you still can't find it, email me to anastasia@sciencestrength.net