Are You Ready For Your Transformation?

Transform your body and mind!


This is the result of optimized diet and training!

Are you frustrated with

  • meal planning?
  • finding food that hits your macros?
  • busy lifestyle that sabotages your results?
  • inconsistency with dieting?
  • a training program that doesn't makes you look strong and attractive?


This step-by-step program will save you money, months of unnecessary struggle and disappointments about failed dieting attempts and cookie-cutter programs that don't work.

That's what you get in the ScienceStrength Bootcamp:

  • Transform your body; gain muscle and lose fat

  • Transform your mind; get rid of the voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough

  • Gain strength and confidence; become your own motivation, become your own idol

  • Stop being a chronic dieter; combat emotional eating, stress eating, bad eating habits

  • Make a sustainable life change; Love your body.  Love yourself. Love your lifestyle.

This is a 6-week group coaching program that will change your life.

You will be a part of an online community of like-minded people who struggle with the same things as you and have similar goals as you. You will not only be getting my support on your journey but also the support of an entire group, which will make it much easier to work for and reach your goals.


I will do two live streams every week to explain essential things around diet, training and having a successful mindset in detail and answer all questions you may have.

Your training and meal plan will be adjusted exactly to what you need.

The program will start with an analysis of your current diet, training, behaviors and triggers that make your progress difficult, like triggers for emotional eating or stress eating or triggers for negative self-talk or other mental things that are in the way of reaching your goals.

I am passionate about health and fitness throughout my life. I tried it all, all of different diets and training approaches and I know that they fail most of the time. It is so frustrating.

Anastasia Zinchenko-3.JPG

It took me years, a Ph.D. in biochemistry, becoming an international level powerlifter and a bodybuilding competitor to figure out how to optimize my training and nutrition program.


Don't make the same mistakes! Get your results faster! Over 6 weeks of the transformation bootcamp I will share my best strategies with you and show you how to optimize and individualize your diet and training to achieve amazing results.



"4 week update: I've lost 3.8 kg, 5.5 cm around my waist. I feel really strong, can increase my weight at almost every session. Now I can really believe that I can finally achieve my goals." - Melinda M.

“Having applied aspects of the protocol, it has worked wonders for me in knowing what foods I should and should not have... everyone is an individual and this approach proves exactly how the 'one size fits all' method doesn't work and how dieting CAN work if it is tailored according to the individual. To put it simply, it has revolutionised my relationship with food “  - Nabiha G.

beth trafo.jpg

"Even though she is on the other side of the globe, having Anastasia by my side has been an invaluable and incredible experience. I had barely lifted a dumbbell when I decided I wanted to start building muscle. Anastasia made it clear and enjoyable, and inspired me to continue my journey of strength and health. She took the stress out of diet and exercise, and allowed me to focus on achieving my goals. Anastasia made sure I knew exactly what I had to do - what I should eat and when, and how I should train. She made sure it would suit my circumstances and fit my personal preferences. She made me feel very important and that there was no question too stupid that I could ask. Her biochemist background and involvement as a competitive powerlifter adds to her credibility. I trust her completely and am forever grateful for how she has helped me. I am a stronger person on many levels because of her." - Beth C.


"After working with Anastasia, I feel much more comfortable and knowledgeable about making the choices that will continue to meet my goals - both at home and while traveling.  Thanks to Anastasia, I finally feel confident in my understanding of nutrition and how it can support my training, although I know there is always more to learn!" - Kim C.





You don't need to wait and hope that you will get great results some day. Start now and join my bootcamp.


Join the BADASS BODY BOOTCAMP and get:



  • calorie and macros-targets

  • list with meal options to choose from

  • meal adjustment to your individual preferences and the food options you have available

  • constant supply of new recipes

  • pre- and post-workout nutritional strategies for optimal results


  • a training plan designed for reaching your goals in the most efficient way
  • lifting form technique analysis; I will personally analyse your training videos and give you feedback
  • adjustment of your training program on weekly basis if required
  • list containing the best and most efficient exercises to get results faster (you can use these even after the bootcamp ends)
  • an Exercise Guide with videos that show how to do each exercise and what are the crucial things to pay attention to


  • strategies on how to develop a mindset for success
  • strategies on how to eliminate these triggers
  • strategies on what to do if still a trigger occurs (e.g. it is not always possible to eliminate stress. Stress is a trigger for unnecessary eating for many people. Having a plan in case a stressful situation occurs will make it easier for you to stay on track without giving into stress eating)
  • daily check ins with me to keep me to get tips how to respond to new, challenging situations in your everyday life

But that’s not all.

You will get these BONUSES to make your transformation and lifestyle sustainable

  • progress & wellbeing log: Keep me up to date on how you feel and you will get feedback and useful tips from me on a daily basis
  • travel guide: How to stay on track when not at home
  • eating out guide: What food to order not to sabotage your results
  • party guide: Partying without feeling guilty the next day
  • supplementation guide: Optimize your general health, body composition and athletic performance
  • easy meal prep basic guide:
    • how to put meals together so that they fit your macros
    • shopping list
    • essentials stock list
    • quick, macros-friendly meal ideas for busy lifestyle

Don’t forget, everything will happen in our private facebook community where you will get everyday support.


Ready for the transformation of your life? A transformation, that is sustainable?

Get great results for only $247 for 6 weeks bootcamp. This is a pilot project. I want you to succeed! My goal is that you don't just get some mediocre results, but WOW results! My goal is that after the 6 weeks you become an expert of YOURSELF and easily master your training and diet in order to make your progress sustainable.

Hurry to sign up! Don't forget, places are limited!

In 30 days you could be a several pounds lighter, much stronger, leaner and happier with your body than ever! Don't miss out!